The Page That Counts :: Spring 2009

Number of escalators in the United States: 30,000 [1]

Number of homes the energy from 30,000 escalators can power: 375,000 [2]

Calories burned by a 150-pound person walking up a flight of stairs: approximately 93 [3]



Tons of tuna Japan imports annually: 800,000

Price in U.S. dollars of a 2 oz. piece of bluefin tuna in a Tokyo sushi restaurant: 75

Percentage decrease in North Atlantic breeding populations of bluefin tuna since the 1970s: 90 [4]



Cell Phone, Oracio Alvarado,

Average number of monthly cell phone calls made by U.S. wireless subscribers age 13-17: 231

Average number of monthly text messages: 1,7425 [5]

Percentage of teenagers who say their social life would end or suffer without text messaging: 47

Percentage of teenagers who can text blindfolded: 42 [6]



Number of art pieces on view on the fourth and fifth floors of the Museum of Modern Art in Fall 2004: 415

Number of pieces by women artists: 20

Works of art on view in Fall 2007: 400

Number of pieces by women artists: 14 [7]

Percentage of works on display at the NY Metropolitan Museum of Art in 2004 by female artists: 4

Percentage of nudes on display that depicted women: 83 [8]



iPod Shuffle earphones, Liam Dunn, Wikimedia Commons

Time per day one can listen to music with stock iPod earphones at 60 percent volume without hearing damage: 18 hours

At 80 percent volume: 1.2 hours

At 100 percent volume: 5 minutes [9]



Number of pirate attacks worldwide in the first quarter of 2008: 53

Number of pirate attacks in the second quarter of 2008: 63

Number of pirate attacks in the third quarter of 2008: 83 [10]



Trees in a park, extranoise,

Number of species of moss that can be found on one tree: over 70 [11]

Number of different species of trees in the world: over 23,000

Number of people who travel to Macon, Georgia to see the cherry trees in bloom: over 600,000

Average time in minutes it takes to walk around the crown of a giant banyan tree in Calcutta at a normal walking pace: 10 [12]

Number of competitors at the 2008 International Tree Climbing Championship: 50 [13]


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From the United Nations Environment Programme's Billion Tree Campaign Album. Visit
Fall 2008

Original tree-planting goal of the UNEP's Billion Tree Campaign: 1 billion
The number of trees planted within the campaign's first 18 months: 2 billion


Detail from Chris Jordan's photograph of Oil Drums from Intolerable Beauty: Portraits of American Mass Consumption
Winter 2009

Decrease in miles Americans drove in May 2008 compared to May 2007: 9.6 billion



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