:: 7 Ways to Break Free of the Corporate Economy

Has the cash economy swallowed up your life? Here are some ways to extract some of your time and "life energy" from the cash economy.


Reduce debt

. If you can't pay cash, don't buy it. Practice being mindful about what you buy and why.


Do it yourself.

Grow food, pick berries, can and preserve food, make wine, bake bread. Make or repair clothes, furniture, and gifts. Create your own entertainment. Walk, bike, run, or play basketball instead of joining a fitness club.


Share & Exchange

. Take care of neighbor kids and elders. Play music, sing, act in local theater, write poems, hold art shows. Exchange haircuts for applesauce, bike repair for massage, language tutoring for babysitting.


Reduce waste & pollution

. Weatherize your home or apartment. Reduce your car usage, or get rid of a car.


Buy local.

Run buy-local campaigns, print stickers, publish or post a directory of local businesses. Acknowledge business owners who foster the well-being of the environment, employees, and the whole community. Convert public funds from luring outside corporations to supporting local businesses.


Start a new local business.

Start a food market, credit union, wifi network, or even an electricity co-op. Explore ownership options like cooperatives, nonprofits, for-profits, or single proprietorships.


Buy Fair Traded

when you buy imports. Vote with your dollar for a better world for all.



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