Theme Guide

Increasing numbers of people are saying "No" to the corporate global economy. Local economies build human relationships, increase wealth instead of money, and cut environmental harm. Tired of feeling powerless? Bring your economy home.
Help Wanted
Declare Independence. The roots of a new, economic story are planted. We can make them grow.
Revitalizing Oakland
Green-Collar Goes Urban. Unlikely allies push a green and local agenda to revitalize Oakland.
Microcredit in India
Local Prosperity Works Globally. Going local is good for everyone -- including the world's poorest.
Wind power in Denmark
Energy for Democracy. Wind on the Great Plains could power the country. Tribes are working to bring energy production home.
Food to Stay
Food to Stay. Local food systems make for healthier consumers, more profitable producers, and stronger communities.
Local Mutliplier Effect
The Local Multiplier Effect. Buying local isn't just about freshness. Make your money count -- more than once.
Carrots from NYC Greenmarkets
Commerce and the Commons. The market wasn't always the whole world. Let's step back from buying and selling and reclaim our living space.
Pegge Hopper, 'Manako Nei' detail
Economics of Life in Balance. What's it like to have an economy of "enough"? Listen in as Adam Smith hears about Polynesian Pononomics.
Judy Wicks
In Business for Life. Judy Wicks' White Dog Cafe helped build a lively community. Now she's taking local living economies nationwide.
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