The Page that Counts :: Winter 2005

Percent of female representatives in the national legislature in Rwanda: 48.8
Percent in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan: 21.6
Percent in the U.S.: 14.3(1)
Percent by which Abbott Labs increased the price of a month's supply of the AIDS drug Norvir in December 2003: 500 (to $250)
Percent Abbott CEO's bonus increased weeks later: 40 (to $1.75 million)(2)
Percent of Latin American immigrants' earnings that stay in their adopted communities in the U.S.: 93(3)
Percent of U.S. adult population who read one or more books in 2002: 56.6(4)
Tax bill for oil and gas drilling company Nabors Industries in 2001: $83.7 million
Tax bill in 2003 after Nabors reincorporated in Bermuda: $8.5 million
Number of U.S. oil and gas company subsidiaries incorporated in Bermuda: 126(5)
Number of Rainier beers a bear drank from a Washington state campground before passing out: 36
Number of Busch beers the bear drank before it switched to the local Rainier brand: 1(6)
Number of states that do not use the word “evolution” in their school science standards: 6(7)
Jail sentence Staff Sergeant Camilo Mejia received for refusing to return to fight in Iraq: 1 year(8)
Jail sentence Specialist Armin J. Cruz received for abusing Abu Ghraib inmates: 8 months(9)
Number of beauty products, out of 72 studied, found to contain phthalates (toxic chemicals): 52
Number of these products that list the offending chemicals on the label: 0(10)
Amount American Airlines saved in 1987 by eliminating one olive from each salad in first-class: $40,000(11)
Percent of the nation's poor who live in the suburbs: 38.5
Percent who live in central cities: 40.6(12)
Salary and bonus that Fog Cutter Capital CEO Andrew Wiederhorn will draw while serving an 18-month federal prison sentence for two felonies: $2.5 million(13)
Amount that federal prison inmates earn per hour working at mandatory institution jobs: 12 to 40 cents(14)
Number of times the average person passes intestinal gas each day: 14 to 23
Amount of intestinal gas produced per person each day: 1 to 3 pints(15)
Number of drivers, out of 24, in a driving simulation who missed their exit while using a cell phone withheadset: 12
Number out of 24 drivers who missed their exit while talking to a passenger : 3
Number out of 48 drivers who missed their exit while driving only: 2(16)
Amount Iraq is paying Toys R Us in reparations resulting from Iraq's invasion of Kuwait: $189,449
Amount Iraq is paying Phillip Morris: $1.3 million
Amount Iraq is paying Halliburton: $18 million(17)
Number of Iraqi civilian deaths attributed to the 2003 invasion (through September 2004): 100,000(18)

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