American Health Care: A System to Die For

Health Care for All

The United States stands alone, the only industrialized nation without universal health care. Americans know it's time to do more than patch up a flawed and over-priced system. Can we afford to cover everyone? Can we afford not to?

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American Health Care
American Health Care. A System to Die For? Spend more, get less. It's the American way. It doesn't have to be.
Speaking of Health Care
Speaking of Health Care. Personal stories from patients, doctors, and activists.
Has Canada Got the Cure?
Has Canada Got the Cure? A 35-year experiment pays big dividends.
Just the facts
Just the Facts. The U.S. health care system, by the numbers.
Better Health Through Fairer Wealth. Beyond inequality and poverty.
If you ask Maine
If You Ask Maine. One state moves toward universal coverage. Americans Speak. Americans know what they want in a health care system.
A Growing Movement
A Growing Movement. Like the social movements that changed U.S. history, grass roots activism is changing what's possible with health care.
Clinics Get Creative
Clinics Get Creative. Innovations that are working, from Common Ground in New Orleans.
Ithica, Oakland, the Bronx, Bhopal India
... to Ithaca, Oakland, The Bronx, and Bhopal, India

Healing Arts. Snapshots of creative healing, from medieval relaxation to clowns in hospital gowns.
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