How Cooperatives Are Driving the New Economy

The Spring 2013 Issue

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What if we all owned and oversaw the banks, by vote, and had a say in decisions made by retailers where we shop? What if we ran our workplaces without corporate CEOs? Here are stories of companies and communities where business is done by the people, for the people.


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New Visions

Solving today's big problems will take more than a quick fix. These authors offer clarity about the roots of our problems and visions of a better way.


How Cooperatives Are Driving the New Economy

To make an economy that serves us, we need to own the jobs and the businesses—together.

Spruce tree

Chicago Factory Workers to the Rescue

First they occupied the factory. Now they own it. Republic Windows and Doors rises again.

World and Community

New models that foster justice and real prosperity, and sustain the Earth's living systems. How can we bring these models to life and put them to work?


Why Unions Are Going Into the Co-op Business

Steelworkers believe they can put the Rust Belt back to work— Basque style.


Big Dividends for Your Community

What if your bank’s first priority was to do good?


Homegrown Health Insurance

Health care co-ops could have been a solution. Then Congress cut the funding. What now?


Community Wealth

A low-income community boosts its local economy, one enterprise at a time.

The Power of One

Stories of people who find their courage, open their hearts, and discover what it means to be human in today's world.


7 Ways to Own it Together

Co-op Academy ... Red Clouds Collective ... Quimper Mercantile ... Seward Cafe and Hard Times Cafe ... Patient/Physician Co-op ... Mobile home land ownership ... Community food forests.

Green Power Surge

Electric co-ops lead the way to green energy in rural America.

Breaking Open

Humor, storytelling, and the arts—taking you into unexpected spaces where business-as-usual breaks open into new possibilities.


Cooperative Takeover

Six strategies to help cooperatives take off and become business as usual.


Survival of the Nicest

A new theory of human origins says cooperation—not competition—is instinctive.

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Rutba photo by Greg Barrett

Why You Don't Frack With John Lennon's Farm

Their water supply threatened, neighbors join to fight fracking. It’s just that some of the neighbors are named Lennon, Ruffalo, and Winger.

Chiapas photo by Jeff Conant

Canada's Indigenous Uprising

When a new law paved the way for tar sands pipelines and other fossil fuel development on native lands, four women swore to be “idle no more.” The idea took off.