Music Picks: Spring 2013

Hurricane Sandy relief, benefits for U.S.-Mexico border crossers, and other musical inspiration while putting together the Spring 2013 issue.

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This is the Sandy benefit album you already know about: Springsteen, McCartney, Jagger. A counter-storm of the world’s most powerful music forces.

The Storm is Passing Over

This is the one you might not have heard about. Fifteen American storm songs recorded in two weeks in Decem- ber at the Brooklyn music collective Mason Jar Music (motto: “Preserving analog principles in a digital age”). Indie-folk musicians come together to reshape classic songs: “When the Levee Breaks,” “The Storms are on the Ocean,” “Lonesome River.” It costs a mere donation to Occupy Sandy. Hurry to

Border Songs

A bilingual slew of performances from Sweet Honey in the Rock, Amos Lee, Calexico, Eliza Gilkyson. Benefits go to No More Deaths, which gives humanitarian aid to border crossers.

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