Is it Time to Close the Prisons?

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Fall 2000
The American Gulag
by Jerome G. Miller
Why does the "home of the free" lock up 2 million men, women, boys, and girls most of them poor people of color?

Cry Out: Women Behind Bars
by Christine Schoefer
The fastest-growing group behind bars is women, most of them moms in prison for nonviolent crimes.

War Games
by Carol Estes
Who wins and loses in America's war on drugs?

Seeds of Change
by Cathrine Sneed
Some San Francisco Jail inmates are working the earth, caring for seedlings, reconnecting to life.

Prisons that Work
Can prisons foster rehabilitation and healing?

Choose Life
by Sister Helen Prejean
What began as a correspondence with a death row inmate became a lifelong struggle to end the death penalty, by the author of Dead Man Walking.

On the Day the Children Marched
by Reginald Sinclair Lewis
A death row poet learns that children have marched on the prison where he is to be executed.

The Hard Road to Forgiveness
by Mary Sue Penn
A man's grandmother is brutally stabbed. His healing and inspiring journey from fury to forgiveness.

The Prison Industry Goes Global
by Stephen Nathan
Having gained a foothold in the privatization-crazy US, the corporate prison industry goes global.

Navajo Justice
by The Honorable Robert Yazzie
Navajo Nation peacemakers are taking the place of judges, prosecutors, and prisons

Street Ministers
by Michael Jonas
Troubled youth in Boston's Four Corners neighborhood can turn to gangs or they can turn to a religious order that has devoted itself to kids.

Youth Court: Jury of Their Peers
by Edgar S. Cahn
When young first offenders appear before a jury of kids who've "been there," they get a hearing that's tough but compassionate.

Learning to Choose
by Raymond Roy
An inmate serving a life sentence discovers that even behind bars, life is full of choices.

Genesee Peacemakers
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder
One county in upstate New York is bucking the trend, serving crime victims and the community rather than the lust for vengeance.

Resources for Reconciliation
by Kari McGinnis

Song of the Land
by Philip M. Klasky
The ancestral songs and stories of the Mohave people galvanize resistance to government efforts to bury nuclear wastes at Ward Valley. by Philip M. Klasky

How Ralph Nader Won
by Sam Smith
A veteran political observer suggests that we dare to dream the impossible. If Jesse Ventura could do it, why not Ralph?

YES! ... But How?
by Annie Berthold-Bond & Doug Pibel
How to avoid chemical contaminants especially for expectant moms and children. Is the winter too cold for compost? Think worms!

For Love of a Ruined Land: the natural history and heritage of a Cracker family
Planet Dialectics: is sustainable development a contradiction in terms?


White on Black, Black on White
by Carol Estes and Robert Jeffrey
A gathering of movement builders turns to one of the most taboo and divisive issues in society and among activists: race.

Our New Home
by Frances F. Korten
Positive Futures Network and YES! magazine have moved out of the basement into a new office, an experience that has transformed our working environment and left us deeply grateful to all those who made the move possible.




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