The Page That Counts :: Spring 2007


Magnifying Glass
Number of U.S. documents classified as secret in 2001:

7.8 million

Number classified in 2005:

14.2 million

Cost to taxpayers for the U.S. government

to classify 14.2 million documents: $7.7 billion [1]




Victoria's Dirty Secret advertisement

Number of catalogs Victoria's Secret sends out per year: 365 million
Number of virgin trees used per year for the paper in the catalogs: 74,885
Number of protests the Victoria's Dirty Secret group
has staged since 2004: 600 [2]
Number of years it took activists and the company to reach an agreement on environmental stewardship: 2 [3]



Percentage of greenhouse gases the world's air traffic was responsible for in 1992:


Percentage of greenhouse gases air traffic is estimated to be responsible for today: 10 [4]


Amount Richard Branson of Virgin Atlantic Airways invested in 2006 to make a new ultraclean fuel for jets, cars, and trucks: $1 billion [5


Percentage rate of U.S. personal savings in 2006: -1.4 [6]
Percentage rate of U.S. personal savings in 1933: -1.5
Number of full years in which the U.S. personal savings rate has dipped below zero: 3
Highest percentage rate of U.S. personal savings (1974): 10.7 [7]
Total amount of U.S. consumer debt for 2006: $2.16 trillion [8]

Elizabeth Cady Stanton & Susan B. Anthony

Year in which women's rights pioneer Elizabeth Cady Stanton omitted “obey” from her marriage vows: 1840
Year the first women's rights convention was held in Seneca Falls, NY: 1848
Year Susan B. Anthony was arrested for attempting to vote: 1872
Year the 19th Amendment was ratified, allowing women the right to vote in federal elections: 1920 [9]

Amount of money spent per year worldwide on bottled water: $100 billion
Amount per year needed to meet the United Nations' goal of giving everyone access to drinkable water by 2015: $11.3 billion [10]

Number of days U.S. troops fought in World War II: 1,347
Number of days U.S. troops fought in the Iraq War by Nov. 30, 2006 : 1,348 [11]

Amma giving a hug

Number of times diners at a Puerto Rican café touched each other per hour: 180
Number of times diners at a British café touched each other: 0 [12]
Number of hours per day spiritual leader Amma has been known to spend dispensing random hugs in her attempt to calm the world's stresses: 20 [13]


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