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Writing to your elected representatives is the most effective tool you have for making your voice heard, calling the next best, and emailing a distant third. But anything you can do is better than nothing at all. Remember, your representatives need to know what their constituents are thinking. Include your name and address so they can write you back.

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Sample letters to elected representatives

Feel free to use or adapt the sample letters below.

provided by Devin Hibbard, Action Projects Coordinator, Facing the Future, 360-320-2274,

Dear ________,

With a heavy heart I write this letter. The tragedy sustained by the people
of the US is unspeakable. The loss to so many individuals will be almost
impossible to bear. I'm asking you now to do everything in your power to

The US must find those who are responsible, understand why they attacked
innocent US citizens in this way, and insure that this can not happen again.
In doing this, we must not sink to the level of terrorists and kill innocent
citizens of another country. A country's leaders 'host' terrorists, not the
citizens themselves.

I believe the only way to fight terrorism is to be good neighbors. We must,
as a country, work with other nations and seek to respect people of
different races, religions, and beliefs. And we must end desperate,
grinding poverty that allows hatred and fanaticism to grow in people's

The US must have the courage and wisdom to set a global example. Imagine
George Bush declaring "We will not sink to the level of terrorists by
killing innocent people. We have the courage and patience to find those
single individuals responsible and to bring them to justice. And we will
work for peace and understanding worldwide."

This we owe to the US citizens whose lives were taken in this attack, and to
the families of those individuals. Shedding more blood, piling up more
bodies, will simply lay the ground for the next attack.

Please let me know how you and the US government are working to insure that
those responsible are brought to justice, while protecting the lives of all
innocent people around the world.

Provided by David Korten, Board Chair of the Positive Futures Network

This is a defining moment for America. The horrific terrorist acts of Tuesday, September 11, were carefully planned to provoke us to strike out in a blind and self-destructive rage that will sacrifice our freedoms to the false security of a police state, deplete our treasure on armaments, lead us to kill hundreds of thousands of innocent civilians, and make us the target of further terrorist assaults. If Congress gives George W. Bush the powers he wants to pursue the course of unrestrained war against any state he doesn't like and to set aside basic civil protections within our own country, the world will descend into a spiral of escalating violence, and the terrorists will have won unconditionally.
I know you are under enormous pressures to give George W. the power to shoot first and ask questions later. Be aware that a great many loyal Americans recognize that fighting terrorism with the blunt edge of massive military action is both futile and self-defeating-and that they strongly oppose such action.
Please. Take a stand for moderation. Deny Bush the sweeping, draconian, and unconstitutional powers for which he is asking. Press instead for a bill that calls for the vigorous pursuit and prosecution of those behind this horrendous terrorist act in conformity with international law and in full consultation with and cooperation through the United Nations with the other nations of the world.

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