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Democracy: Latin America Leaps Ahead

Change is the rule in today's Latin America. The people demanded a new direction, and dictatorships have given way to democracies. After 20 years of stagnation, economies are taking off, and people are rising out of poverty. Here are stories of change from the bottom up—Latin America shows us the way.

Inauguration Day in Chile. Photo by Patricio Valenzuela Hohmann
Democracy Rising
Grassroots movements change the face of power.

8 Latin American Presidents
8 Hotspots of Progress
Mapping the social change  transforming a continent.
Cuban health system relies on neighborhood doctor and nurse
Cuba's Cure
Why is Cuba exporting health care to the world?

March in La Paz, Bolivia, 2005. Photo:
Dignity for All
Bolivia's indigenous people reclaim the presidency, and a lot more besides.

Chilean street art by Patricio Madero
Sex & Power in Chile
A woman president shakes up the old guard and gives women a lot more power.
Venezuelan cooperative factory. Photo by Michael Fox
Cooperative Venezuelans
An economic system of solidarity, not exploitation.

Photo from the worker-owned FaSinPat factory, Argentina. Photo by Oriana Elicabe
Power-Sharing: Argentina
Factories without bosses: workers find independence.
Powerful Beat
Afroreggae's music has brought the sound of hope to Brazil's slums.
YES! Magazine graphic
U.S. Influence Waning
5 ways the role of the U.S. has been turned upside down.

Oscar Olivera. Photo by Sarah van Gelder
Winning the Water War
Oscar Olivera, talks about the movement that saved Bolivia's water.
U.S. medical student Narciso Ortiz.
In Their Own Words
First hand accounts from Cuba's health care pioneers in this photo-essay.
Herding Llamas in the southwestern Bolivian Altiplano. Photo by Michael Bollino
Declaration of La Paz
The indigenous peoples of the Americas issue a call for survival—theirs and ours.

Hugo Chavez. Photo by Matt Pascarella
Rating Venezuela...
Is Chávez creating a democracy or a dictatorship…
Graph showing impact of Meningitis B vaccine in Havana
Meningitis B
Cuba's got the vaccine, but not the U.S. Why not?
Uyuni Salt Flats, Bolivia. Photo by Rory O'Bryen
5 Ways NOT to Travel
Going there? Tips to have a more meaningful trip.

Resource Guide
Learn more and support the groups working in the region.
YES discussion guide
Discussion Guide
Conversation starters and article summaries…
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Film Resources
Our pick of the best films to see about Latin America.
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