The Page That Counts :: Fall 2009

scorpion fish, illustration by Alberto Rava

Percentage of American LGBT students who report being verbally harassed: 86.2

Percentage of American students who periodically skip school:  5.5

Percentage of LGBT students who skip school due to feeling unsafe:  32.7

Grade point average of LGBT students frequently harassed:  2.4

Grade point average of LGBT students who know at least six supportive educators:  2.9 [1]



Percentage of land protected worldwide as parks:  12.1

Percentage of ocean designated as marine protected areas:  0.7 [2]

Percentage of increase of species in marine protected areas:  21 [3]



Percentage of life-insurance agencies rated “excellent” by raters paid by the insurance company: 47–81

Percentage rated “excellent” when the rater was not paid by the insurance company:  11 [4]



Prescription DrugsNumber of Florida deaths in 2007 related to abuse of prescription drugs: 2,382

Number of Florida deaths in 2007 related to all methamphetamines:  989

Number of Florida deaths in 2007 related to the abuse of marijuana: 0 [5]



Number of American Indians who fought in WWI (1914 to 1918) as volunteers: 6,000

Year American Indians were granted U.S. citizenship: 1924

Number of American Indians who served in the Vietnam War (which ended in 1975):  41,500 [6]

Year American Indians were granted religious freedom: 1978 [7]



cross.jpgPercentage of Americans who say they have no religious affiliation:  30–40 [8]

Percentage of Americans who described themselves as Christian in 1990:  86

Percentage in 2008:  76 [9]



Amount a private company paid to take over Chicago’s municipal parking: $1.157 billion

Number of years the company controls parking rates and collects the revenue: 75

Income the municipal parking system will generate during those  75 years:  $2.13 billion [10]



clam, illustration by Pearson Scott ForesmanAge of oldest human being on record,  Jeanne Calment (1875-1997): 122 [11]

Age of longest-lived mollusk on record, a quahog clam:  400+ [12]

Approximate age of Methuselah Pine, the world’s oldest-known living tree: 4,600+ [13]



More Page That Counts

cell phone
Spring 2009

Percentage of teenagers who say their social life would end or suffer without text messaging: 47
Percentage of teenagers who can text blindfolded: 42


Nosepicking Chimp

Summer 2009

Approximate number of languages spoken in the world: 6,000
Number of languages that go extinct every year: 26



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