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Do-It-Yourself Liberation

Why wait for permission? Create the world you want right now. Start by doing what you love where you live and work. Claim space to be free, feed your spirit and the spirit of those you are with. Don't ask for change. Be the change.

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Gazebo at Ericksen Park, Bainbridge Island, gifted to the community by local activists. Photo by Debbie Lester.
Editor's Introduction
An unauthorized gazebo signals a neighborhood revolution.
Quote Page: Paul Goodman

Banksy image: television toss. Image by Banksy. Photo: Flickr: Kfxposure
Live Free
The consumer life carries invisible chains. Let's make spaces where we can be free. Step off the path.
South Bronx Community Concert. Photo by Eroc of the Foundation Movement
People Taking Charge
They're liberating public parks, factories, parking spaces, and abandoned buildings.


Clowns at the G8, Scotland. Photo by (cc) Dave Morris
Fine Art of Raising a Ruckus
What does spectacle have to do with challenging empire?

Micah on violin at Umoja Village. Photo by Rolfe Ross.
It Took a Village
How Miami's homeless reclaimed place, community, and dignity.
Gandhi in 1929. wikicommons
Gandhi's Footsteps
Self-reliance, intention, and tradition yield liberation, top to bottom.


Oventic Classroom. Photo by Aaron Cain.
Schools Without Teachers
What if students chose what to learn? A school for free people in free communities.
Traffic Calming sign Ireland. Photo by Shawn Duffy.
Reclaiming Our Streets
How some Dutch neighbors put an old couch in the road and changed the urban landscape worldwide.
Hand with Hammer. YES! Magazine Graphic, 2008
The DIY Guide
Walk out, get free stuff, toss a flower bomb. Simple steps for day-to-day liberation. Go ahead: free your world.


Parke Burgess
Zen, Busking & Anarchy
The cello as a tool for liberation.
Kitchen at the Emma Goldman Finishing School.
Taste Freedom at Home
Egalitarian life in the city.
Burning Man 2007. Photo by Catherine Bailey
Hot for Burning Man
Pyrotechnic orgy or initiation of a new era?


Vicente Addiego resident. Photo by Michael Fox.
Building Autonomy, One Co-op at a Time
Thousands worked on each other's homes and in the process became political activists.
Berlin ladyfest. Photo by Conny Schlee.
Don't Fall in Love With the Guitarist. Be the Guitarist!
The ladiezzz take up where the grrrls left off.
icecreamlopez radio pirate DJ. Photo (cc) Scott Beale.
Pirates on the Open Airwaves
Corporate-speak or the people's airwaves. Meet the buccaneers of bandwidth.


Rev Billy preaching at Critical Mass. Photo by Fred Askew.
Celebrating Critical Mass
Cycling reopens public space. Rev. Billy on bikes and free speech.
John Mayer
MySpace is a Free Space
The MySpace music revolution puts fans and artists side by side.
Compost toilet on organic farm on the isle of Eigg, Scotland. Photo by Andy Wright.
Compost Toilets & Self-Rule
End your dependence on the sewage empire. Go ecological!


World Social Forum Porto Alegre, 2001. Photo by Sarah van Gelder.
World Social Forum at Your Doorstep
It's happening everywhere this year.
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Can We Talk?
Conversation Cafés show us how. Guidelines for a conversation.
YES discussion guide
Discussion Guide
Conversation starters and action ideas on liberating your spaces.
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