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“Where are the opportunities for real change in the 2008 election?”

Election season is a mixed blessing for those working for deep change. On the one hand, the debate is too often confined to who (or what) is considered “electable” by insiders. Big money can drown out the voices of “we the people,” and local organization often evaporates after the election night parties are over. On the other hand, there is the possibility of electing public officials who will stand for the public interest, and during election season, candidates are more likely to listen to the people's voice. So where are the opportunities for real change in 2008? To find out, we spoke to some grassroots organizers, national leaders, and elected officials who are working for change.

Rev. Lennox Yearwood
Mark Ritchie
Bill McKibben. Photo by ??
Chris Hedges
Rep. Barbara Lee
Cheri Honkala spacer Lennox Yearwood spacer Mark Ritchie spacer Bill McKibben spacer Chris Hedges spacer Barbara Lee
Poor People's Economic Human Rights Campaign spacer Hip Hop Caucus spacer Minnesota Secretary of State spacer Step It Up '07 spacer author, American Fascists spacer U.S. Rep.(D-CA)


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