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Musical inspiration while putting out this issue

Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars cover
Versatile Heart cover

Girl In the War

Idaho's alt-folkie Josh Ritter offers possibly the sweetest anti-war song out there. Ritter can crush you with the weight of his lyrics, then pick you up again with his gentle guitar.

Girl in the War, by Josh Ritter.



Living Like a Refugee

Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars met each other in refugee camps as they fled civil war. Their songs are upbeat and infectious. As they were performing on makeshift instruments to cheer up fellow refugees, they were discovered by American documentary filmmakers.

Soda Soap, by Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars.
Big Lesson, by Sierra Leone's Refugee All Stars.



Versatile Heart

Linda Thompson's third CD proves her return to singing is sticking. If you're looking for the aching voice that rubbed up against Richard Thompson's in the '60s and '70s, it's here again. Check out her version of Tom Waits' soldier's lament “Day After Tomorrow.”

Versatile Heart, by Linda Thompson.
Day After Tomorrow, by Linda Thompson.

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