The Page That Counts :: Fall 2002

Percent increase in paper consumption after an organization adopts e-mail: 40 (1)



Size of one “accounting irregularity” while Dick Cheney was CEO of Halliburton: $100 million (2)

Value of contracts with Iraq by Halliburton subsidiaries while Cheney was CEO: $73 million (3)

Percent increase in value of US government contracts while Cheney led Halliburton: 91 (4)

Value of Cheney's retirement package and stocks when he left Halliburton after 5 years: $48 million (5)



Annual care and feeding requirements for an average one-third-acre US lawn:

Pesticides: 10 pounds

Fertilizer: 20 pounds

Water: 170,000 gallons

Mowing labor: 40 hours

Pollution: equivalent to driving a car 14,000 miles (6)



Reduction in California's use of pesticides between 1998 and 1999: 11,700,000 pounds (7)



Percentage of Israelis who favor unilateral withdrawal from the occupied territories: 63



Who call for the evacuation of Israeli settlements from the territories: 69

Who believe that Israel should agree to the establishment of a Palestinian state: 60 (8)



Reincarceration rate among women at Bedford Hills Correctional Facility (NY) who participated in the prison college program: 7.7%

Among women who did not participate in the college program: 29.9%

Number of college programs in US prisons in 1982: over 350

In 1995: 8 (9)



Number of “mega-cities” (with populations in excess of ten million) worldwide in 1950: 1

In 1975: 5

In 2001: 19 (10)



Average change in onset of arctic snowmelt between 1975 and 1995: five days earlier per decade

Northward expansion in range of guillemots (an arctic bird species) in the last century: 500 miles (11)

Ratio of plastic to zooplankton found by researchers surveying North Pacific marine debris: 6:1 (12)



Ratio of US bachelor degrees earned by women versus men in 1970: 43:57

In 2000: 57:43 (13)



Average amount of vitamin C found in organic crops compared to conventional crops: +27%

Of iron: +21%

Of calcium: +26% (14)




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Winter 2008

Percentage of Iranians who favor normal relations and trade with the United
States: 68
Percentage of Iranians who strongly support a
democratic system: 79

YES! Magazine graphic
Spring 2008

Amount by which U.S. rice production was subsidized in 2003: $1,279,000,000
Percentage of Honduran rice farmers who have lost their jobs due to U.S. rice dumping: 92



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