Love and the Apocalypse

The Summer 2013 Issue

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We’ve never faced bigger threats to our well-being and to the health of our planet. Accepting that reality could be paralyzing. Meet the people who are, instead, moving forward with love, imagination, and renewed respect for the Earth.


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New Visions

Solving today's big problems will take more than a quick fix. These authors offer clarity about the roots of our problems and visions of a better way.


Why Radical is the New Normal

Feeling anxious about life in a broken economy on a strained planet? Turn despair into action.

Spruce tree

For Young Leaders, It's Personal

Listen in as under-40 movement leaders discuss the climate crisis, breakthrough strategies, their fears and hopes, and what matters most.

World and Community

New models that foster justice and real prosperity, and sustain the Earth's living systems. How can we bring these models to life and put them to work?


For a Future that Won't Destroy Life on Earth, Look to the Global Indigenous Uprising

How an uprising that began in remote indigenous communities is now everywhere.


Don't Just Click

Step away from the computer and find the real power of online activism.


Labor's New Love

Organizing with love—a radical new way to build power for low-wage workers. By Sally Kohn


Making Peace With Power

What’s the difference between power that crushes people and power that creates?

The Power of One

Stories of people who find their courage, open their hearts, and discover what it means to be human in today's world.


What to Say When They Say, "It's Impossible"

To all the naysayers in your life, 10 reasons change is possible and necessary.

Free Yourself from the Past

How we can heal the hidden scars of history.

Breaking Open

Humor, storytelling, and the arts—taking you into unexpected spaces where business-as-usual breaks open into new possibilities.


Don't Wait for the Revolution. Live it!

Don’t ask permission—just create the world you want.


Gandhi's 4 Gifts

How to live Gandhi’s Ahimsa.

Also in the Summer 2013 Issue ...

Rutba photo by Greg Barrett

Dar Williams: Defender of the Protest Song

We can’t change the world if we can’t even sing together—a star folk singer on what happens if political music dies.

Chiapas photo by Jeff Conant

Jim Wallis: A Battle for the Common Good

The evangelical who takes on poverty, Wall Street, and Jon Stewart.