Invincible: Detroit’s Homegrown, Hip-Hop Activism

Powerful, passionate, and politically charged rhymes that speak for marginalized people.
Ilana "Invincible" Weaver

Ilana Weaver started listening to hip hop when she was seven, after her family moved from Israel to Ann Arbor, Mich. She was trying to learn English, but soon became fascinated by how hip hop gives a voice to marginalized people. 


Now, as the artist “Invincible,” Weaver is recognized as a powerful voice in hip hop,  a writer of politically charged and passionate lyrics. In her “Emergence Travel Agency” videos, she weaves her own rhymes with images and oral histories from Detroit and Palestine to create media that, in her words, “resists displacement, gentrification, colonization, occupation.” 


Activism is as much a part of Weaver’s life as her art. She mentors youth through a Detroit Summer project, directed a series about women in hip hop, and started a record label co-op. 


“I’m inspired to imagine that every small-scale action and project we engage in is deeply interconnected and can have great impact,” she says.

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