YES! Music Picks: Summer 2012

Musical inspiration while putting together the Summer 2012 issue.
New Multitudes Cover
Family Album Cover In the Time of the Gods Cover

New Multitudes

Jay Farrar, Yim Yames, Will Johnson, and Anders Parker have their turn with Woodie Guthrie's seemingly endless library of lyrics. Farrar's voice stands out, the perfect match for such simple, sweet songs.



In working through disillusionment with God and re-examining ideas of family, young Noah Gunderson creates an exquisite baroque-folk album that is both haunting and joyful at once. Sister Abby harmonizes and adds violin.


In the Time of Gods

Classical mythology inspires Dar Williams' new album, from the image of Hermes on a motorcycle to a "goddess of memory" for kids in a refugee camp. A number about a nearby mountain evokes the spirit of neighbor and inspiration, Pete Seeger.

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