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The media can facilitate public conversations or shut them down. The media can open up or constrain our beliefs about what is possible, what is desirable, who is deserving, and which perspectives are legitimate.

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Spring 2005

Issue 33

Bill Moyers
Some journalists are stubbornly pursuing the truth despite growing media monopolies, government secrecy, ideology, and public relations spin doctors—but it’s getting tougher.

Dipping a Toe in the Blogosphere
by Micah Sifry
Got something to say? Say it with blogs.

Speaking for Ourselves
by Malkia Cyril & Taishi Duchicela
Tired of one-sided, sensationalized portrayals of crime, a feisty collaboration of young people confronted Clear Channel—and won.

Media Heroes: Guerrilla News Network
by Anna Lappé

If You’re Not Making Television, It’s Making You
by Dirk Koning
By making their own broadcasts, kids discover the power of media to shape another’s perspective.

It Takes a Community Media Center
by Dirk Koning

Going to Where the Silence Is: Interview with Amy Goodman
by Carolyn McConnell
In the span of just a few years, Democracy Now! exploded from the fringes onto stations around the country. Our editor asks its host how she creates the most vital news show on the air.

Media Hero: Juan Gonzalez
by Anthony Lappé

Who’s the Expert?
by Julie Hollar
Visual representation of diversity or lack of diversity of TV sources.

presente!—a Radio Station Barn Raising
by Hannah Sassaman
When farmworkers needed a way to reach one another, they invited activists nationwide for a radio “barn raising.”

Media Uprising
by Josh Silver & Robert McChesney
Millions of Americans from across the political spectrum are making it clear to the FCC and Congress: We’ve had enough with mergers and corporate control of the media.

Media Hero: DeeDee Halleck
by Jonathan Lawson

Media Hero: Ed Schultz

by Carolyn McConnell

10 Steps to More Democratic Media
by Jeffrey Chester & Gary O. Larson
Here are opportunities for you to shape who gets to say what about the issues that matter to our lives.

Resources for More Democratic Media
by Lisa Kundrat


global shift
Redefining Peace
by Mia MacDonald
Wangari Maathai, founder of Kenya’s Greenbelt Movement, recently won the Nobel Peace Prize. Her message: peace is founded in healthy ecosystems, access to natural resources, and democracy.

The Work Ahead
The election is behind us; what is the work ahead?
Ditch Divisions:Create Community
by Frances Moore Lappé & Richard R. Rowe
Get Tough - for the Kids
by Jonathan Rowe
Create a More Perfect Union by Rep. Jesse Jackson, Jr.
Adopt the Language of Hope by Roberto Rodriguez
Build the Alliances
by David Korten
Set an Agenda with a Future by Medea Benjamin
Challenge Low-Wage Globalization
byDavid Foster
Make Time for Bread and Roses
by John de Graaf
Start a Dialogue; Take a Stand
by Rev. Robert W. Edgar
Remain Firm, Clear, Compassionate
by Thich Nhat Hanh

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Letter from the Editor
by Sarah Ruth van Gelder

Readers’ Forum

Uruguay votes against water privatization
Yes Men strike again
Communities create their own stores
Utilities to slash pollution
South Korea pioneers solar and tidal energy
Mayors Call for abolition of Nuclear Weapons                        • Hybrids as Job Perk
Unocal Settling Suits in Burma
Students Target Coke

The Page That Counts

positive futures network news
Giving for Long-Term Recovery
How to give wisely in response to the tsunami and other disasters.
by Frances Korten

in review
Argentina: Hope in Hard Times & The Take
No More Throw-Away People
Boiling Point

positive futures network news
Thank you to all our contributors
YES! magazine and Positive Futures Network are here today because of your support—we thank you.
by Frances Korten

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