The Page That Counts :: Spring 2005

Percent of Americans who say they have voluntarily made changes in their lives over the past five years that resulted in earning a smaller income: 49
Percent who are happy with the change: 60(1)
Number of seconds it takes for a new blog to be created somewhere in the world: 7.4(2)
Value of free drug samples passed out to doctors in the U.S. in 2002: $11.9 billion
Amount in sales of top-selling drugs prescribed to U.S. patients in 2002 for purposes not approved by the FDA: $12.9 billion
Number of drug company sales representatives for every seven doctors in the U.S. as of 2003: 1(3)
Number of FDA staff monitoring the safety of FDA-approved drugs for every 31 million prescriptions filled in the U.S.: 1(4)
Percent growth of businesses owned 51 percent or more by minority women from 1997–2004: 54.6
Percent growth of all U.S. privately owned businesses during that same period: 9
Sales generated in 2004 by the 1.4 million U.S. businesses majority-owned by women of color: $147 billion(5)
Weight of the moose that ran off a cliff in Norway and landed on Leo Henriksen's Mazda: 770 pounds(6)
Percent of voters who said the most urgent moral crisis facing the U.S. is materialism and greed: 33
Percent who said poverty and economic justice is our biggest moral crisis: 31
Percent who said gay marriage is the biggest moral crisis: 12
Percent who said the Iraq war was the issue that most affected their vote: 42
Percent who said gay marriage most affected their vote: 97
Percent of the U.S. homeless population made up of families with children: 40
Percent of requests for emergency shelter by U.S. homeless families that went unmet last year: 32(8)
Percent of U.S. police chiefs who believe that drug enforcement efforts have failed to reduce the drug problem: 67(9)
Length of the nail a misfiring nail gun shot into the roof of a construction worker's mouth: 4 inches
Number of days he was unaware what was causing his headache: 6
Amount of money he will owe the hospital due to lack of medical insurance: $80,000–100,000(10)
Year Social Security trustees in 1996 predicted the Social Security trust fund would be depleted: 2029
Year the trustees in 2000 predicted the trust fund would be depleted: 2037
Year the trustees in 2004 predicted the trust fund would be depleted: 2042(11)
Number of boys and girls age 11 and 12 strip-searched in a public charter school in Texas: 10
Amount of missing money the school was searching for: $10(12)
Percent decline of international graduate student applications in the U.S. from 2003–2004: 28
Percent of graduate schools taking policy action to address this drop: 72(13)
Number of galaxies discovered in 2004 by one research station across one-quarter of the sky: 110 million(14)
Estimated percent of the universe's matter not directly observable because it does not emit light: 90(15)

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