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Spring 1997

Money Versus Wealth
David Korten distinguishes between money and real wealth of people, nature, and community

Money Troubles
Thomas H. Greco reveals the dysfunctions of money creation

Money With Care Built In
Jonathan Rowe finds seniors building community and health

Money That Builds Connection
Edgar Cahn develops Time Dollars as a way to rebuild community life

Women's Wealth
Diana McCourt & Jane Wilson create a micro-economy of skill sharing, entrepreneurship, and mutual aid

Making Money
• David Boyle finds Ithaca Hours coming off the press;
• Michael Linton involves businesses and charities in LETS;
• Robert Swann and Susan Witt build infrastructure for self-reliant communities;
• Sarah Van Gelder learns about a dual-currency experiment in Minneapolis
37 Ways to Join the Gift Economy
No need to wait / do it now!

Beyond Greed & Scarcity
Bernard Lietaer talks to Sarah Van Gelder about the Transformational effects of Currency Redesign.

Resource Guide
Tools for new currencies and exchanges

Business & Livelihood
Brewing a Future
Keto Mschigeni & Gunter Pauli use waste from a Namibian brewery to produce food. Sarah van Gelder reports on a "zero-emissions zone" in Sweden

Managing for Life
Donella Meadows reports on an entrepreneur who has put individual ecology at the heart of his business. Paul Hawken relates William McDonough's design principles

Betting on Green
Carl Frankel finds green design in the heart of New York City.
Issues 2 Cover

Global Shift
Nuclear Ban
Gregg Zachary reports on a bold effort by the former head of the US nuclear forces to eliminate nuclear weapons

Nuclear Initiation
General Lee Butler warns that rather than ending with the Cold War, the nuclear era could be just starting

Arts & Media
Virtual Ecology
Margaret Wertheim on a virtual world of natural enchantment and connection

Art Sparks
Frances Moore Lappe and Paul Du Bois on the arts at society's fringes


Letter from Sarah van Gelder

Readers' Forum


The Page that Counts

Sustainable Gifts
by Alisa Gravitz

News from PF Network

Book Reviews:
How Many People Can the Earth Support?, Joel E. Cohen
STUFF: The Secret Life of Everyday Things, John C. Ryan, Alan T. Durning
People, Land and Community: Collected E.F. Schumacher Society Lectures
Dialogues with the Living Earth, James and Roberta Swan