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Spring 2000

Moments of Grace
by Thomas Berry.
Our moment in history is one of rare significance. At the threshold of the Ecozoic Era, we discover a new path to the deepest mysteries of life and a very old story that includes us all

Divine Daughters
a poem by Rachel Bagby

Into Our Hands
by Katsi Cook
Mohawk women who learn that their breast milk is contaminated with industrial pollutants draw on traditional medicine and modern research.

The Entangled Universe
by Mae-Wan Ho
If you follow quantum physics, you know about “non-locality,” the role of the observer in changing the observed, particle “entanglements,” and other anomalies. But did you know that these principles may explain the mysteries of life itself?

Designing for Life
by John Todd
Life’s elegant, complex systems – the product of billions of years of R&D – point the way to human settlements that harmonize with ecosystems

Cyber Consciousness
by Jean Houston
Could cyberspace be a primordial soup for a new, interconnected intelligence? Or will it degenerate into a discount mall peddling pornography, consumerism, and rants? Here’s one view

Making Peace
by Eran Fraenkel and John Marks
This is a story about something that didn’t happen. Despite the same volatile ethnic mix as its Balkan neighbors, Macedonia remains at peace

The Great Turning
an interview with Joanna Macy
We are welcoming the sacred back into our lives in a radical consciousness shift that this ecologist and religious scholar names “the Great Turning”

Whose Story, What Future
by Susan Cannon.
What if humanistic and ecological values take hold, but our system is so damaged it collapses anyway? What if collapse is averted, but values don’t shift? Stories of possible futures, from “War and Pieces” to “Integral Dawn”

Bringing It Home
edited by Rod Arakaki
Our lives are stories we write by living them. We asked a few friends--Heather MacAndrew, N. Bird Rinningwater, Jamison Ervin, Jay Walljasper, Pramila Jayapal, Guy Dauncey, and David Korten-- how their lives told the new story.


Global Shift
N30-WTO Showdown
by Paul Hawken
Tens of thousands linked arms, marched, rallied, and withstood police assault in Seattle on November 30. The WTO meeting ended in collapse, new alliances were forged, corporate globalization was called into question, and an international democracy movement was born

Arts & Media
Clueless in Seattle
by Jonathan Rowe
Why were all those people in the streets? Reporters and pundits who covered the WTO recited the free-trade mantra but knew nothing of its real-world impact. Then there’s the small matter of who owns the media

Letter from the Editor
By Sarah Ruth van Gelder
Hope for a new Century

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positive futures network news
What's Next After Seattle?
by Frances Korten
Seattle was just the beginning. The groups that came together in November are planning a reunion at the World Bank and IMF meetings in April. Here’s how you can get involved

in review
Natural Capitalism: the best of industrial ecology
Blue Collar Jobs: from logging to restoration
No Future Without Forgiveness: South Africa’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission
Love in Chaos: forgiveness in a divided Ireland

sustainable living
YES! ...but How?
Annie Berthold-Bond & Doug Pibel .
How to cut down on your junk mail, spam, and telemarketing calls; washing tips for cleaner streams and softer clothes; Mayan skin care secrets

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