Path to a New Economy

Any economic rescue program must result in systemic change that doesn’t replicate the current mistakes. These YES! articles point the way to the kind of economy that will truly serve people and communities.

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David Korten's Agenda for a New EconomyDavid Korten's new book: Agenda for a New Economy

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Cover detail of issue 50
The New Economy: The Summer Issue of YES!
YES! met the activists, visionaries, and upstarts building something new: an economy that puts people first and works within the carrying capacity of the Earth.

GM Truck
Out of the Ashes of GM: the Phoenix of Green Energy
America now owns a car company. To put it to good use—building green energy vehicles and devices—we just need to own a bank, says Ellen Brown.

The seal of the Federal Reserve
Too Big to Fail is Too Big
Senator Bernie Sanders famously said that if a bank "is too big to fail, it probably is too big to exist." That should be a watchword slogan of any effort to fix the financial system, says David Korten.
President Obama at the We Are One Inaugural Celebration at Lincoln Memorial
Revive Lincoln’s Monetary Policy
Ellen Brown says the fate of our economy and the nation itself may depend on how well President Obama understands Lincoln’s monetary breakthrough.
A New Way Forward: graphic from Apr 11 Protest against the Bailout
A Plea to President Obama: Don't Bankrupt America
by Sarah van Gelder
President Obama's massive giveaway to Wall Street threatens to undermine the agenda that got him elected. Here are some first steps needed to change course.
Icelanders to the Promised Land
"We have a very uncertain feeling about the future. At the same time, there is power in all the political debate … and people are speaking up."
Bank of North Dakota
How Cash-Starved States Can Create Credit
Ellen Brown outlines how states can follow North Dakota's lead and solve the solvency problem.
David Korten
Don't Fix Wall Street, Replace It
"Let Wall Street corporations and their phantom wealth machine slip into the abyss… Devote our public resources to building and strengthening Main Street and creating real wealth."
cover detail of Agenda for a New Economy
Agenda for a New Economy
David Korten’s new book outlines an agenda to bring into being a new economy—locally based, community oriented, and devoted to creating a better life for all. In this excerpt Korten offers a version of the economic address to the nation he wishes Barack Obama were able to deliver.
cover of Web of Debt
A Radical Plan for Funding a New Deal
Ellen Brown explores the option of buyouts, not bailouts, and lists 3 Ways to Fund the “New” New Deal.
We're Not Getting Our Money's Worth: the cost of Health Care
The Obama Economic Stimulus
Will it Take Us Where We Need to Go? asks Sarah van Gelder.
Financial crisis graphic
Beyond the Bailout
The financial crisis creates an opportune moment for deep change, says David Korten. He spells out 4 steps to get us on the right track.
IPS report: A Sensible Plan for Recovery
Plan for Recovery
The Institute for Policy Studies lays out a program to address the root causes of our financial collapse and restore trust and confidence in our economic system.
House and Dollar sign on a scale, Alex Slobodkin
They Stood Up to the Banks
American populists stood up, and the bailout package went down.
? Illustration by Leon Bonaventura
Finance to Serve the Economy
Leslie Christian reminds us to stay calm and not act from fear and panic.
Wall Street or Main Street graphic
Main Street Before Wall Street
David Korten urges a solution that benefits Main Street rather than Wall Street.
Money Stairs illustration
What to Do with Your Money During Tough Times
How will you get through the difficult economic times ahead? Here’s how to shop, where to bank, and how to save and invest to help you weather the storm.
Green bicycle
5 Ways to Get Freedom (from Corporate Power)
Save money, help the environment, and get away from corporations.
spacer Graphic of 10 Ways to a Human-Scale Economy, YES! Magazine photo-essay
7 Ways to Break Free of the Corporate Economy
Has the cash economy swallowed up your life? Here are some ways to extract some of your time and "life energy" from the cash economy.

Also see 10 Ways to a Human-Scale Economy, our photo-essay of great innovations that prove change is not only possible, but underway.


Illustration by Don Baker for YES!
Living Wealth: Better Than Money
If there is to be a human future, we must bring ourselves into balanced relationship with one another and the Earth. This requires building economies with heart.
Help Wanted. YES! Magazine graphic
Independence from the Corporate Global Economy
The old story says we have to depend on big corporations. The new story tells us we can earn a livelihood, gain freedom, and build community through cooperation.

Just the Facts graphic: Portrait of a Perfect Economic Storm
Portrait of a Perfect Economic Storm
Climate change, financial meltdown, and peak oil will devastate those segments of the economy dependent on oil subsidies and stable global supply lines. These are no longer future issues. A dramatic restructuring of the way we live, including a return to local food and energy self-reliance, has become an imperative.


Jerry Moore lost almost everything when Katrina hit. But he didn't lose his connection to Hope, the financial institution that helped him get started. Photo Greg Campbell Photography
Financing Hope
These credit unions invest in their members and stand by them, even in hard times. And the members, in turn, stand by their communities.
Bernard Lietaer
Beyond Greed and Scarcity
Sarah van Gelder talks to money system guru Bernard Lietaer about the possibilities for a new kind of currency better suited to building community and sustainability.