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Maybe this year’s campaigns will focus on real issues, like jobs and the environment, instead of personalities and hot-button issues. Or maybe not. The people in these stories aren’t waiting to find out. They’re setting their own agenda for America—one that doesn’t fit the simplistic categories of Red and Blue.

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Our Own Agenda button. YES! Magazine graphic.
Editor's Introduction
Politics that break through.

David Sirota
The Uprising
David Sirota talks to the new populists and finds where we’re coming together—and falling apart.

Deatil of How the Middle Class Got Stuck graphs. YES! Magazine graphic.
How the Middle Class got Stuck
Surging prices, stagnant wages, spiraling debt. This is what “stuck” feels like.

Our Own Agenda banner, YES! Magazine graphic
10 Policies for a Better America :: A YES! Take on What Americans Want

WAGES coop members. Photo by Irene Florez
What We Care About
Secure Families. Health care for all. Good jobs and housing. Here's how we could have it all.
Illustration of talking heads. Alex Mathers/iStock
Conversations Across the Divide
Breaking out of red-blue stereotypes and finding common ground.
spacerNunavut Inuit. Photo by John Hasyn
We're Hard-Wired to Care
It's not just the Golden Rule; it's hard-wired into our brains: we can't help caring about each other.

An Agenda That Puts People First

New Land Trust Homeowners, Craig Line for Champlain Housing Trust
Keep Prices Affordable —For Now and Forever.
Dr. Rocky White
Health Care
Health Coverage for Everyone.
Child in hair saloon, photo by Rachel Kerns
Fairness for Working Parents.
WAGES coop members. Photo by Irene Florez
Create Your own Workplace.

Familiy on a farm, Sheppard Family Photo
Why My Dad Turned Green
A farmer’s daughter learns that her once-conservative dad is turning into a tree-hugger.
Immigrant discussion group, Photo by Dinah Chung
1001 Conversations
Hundreds gathered across the U.S. to grapple with the human side of immigration.

Equality Ride stuents at OBU, Photo by Josh Varner
Gay & Straight Talk
LGBT youth take a road trip to conservative Christian campuses.

Eliza Gilkyson
A Song of Hope
... and a place for neighbors to talk about it.
College student house builders, Photo by Charlene Shepard & Chris Garrison
Churches & Social Justice
Christian conservatives put aside hot-button issues to focus on poverty, global warming, and peace.

Fabrice Flring, photo by Kaizar Campwala
Media We Can Trust
Fair and accurate news offers a basis for reality-based debates. But how do we tell if it’s fair?

bullhorn, YES! Magazine graphic
A Populist Toolkit
Dialogue, trust building, online tools, direct action, and more.
YES! Magazine Dicussion Guide, Issue 47
Discussion Guide
Conversation starters and article summaries for a purple America.
Resource Guide
Organizations, initiatives, and background reading on an agenda for all Americans.
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