Conversations Across the Divide

How do we form a more perfect union—or at least find enough common ground for a civil conversation? Breaking out of red-blue stereotypes is a good place to start. And listening to the hopes and fears that lie beneath the rhetoric. Respect helps, along with the expectation of transformation—our own as well as our adversaries’.

Farmer & Daughter

“My Republican dad saw the light. And it was green.” Kate Sheppard recounts how she found common ground with her father, a conservative farmer.


Gay & Straight Talk

Noah Grant profiles the Equality Ride, a two-month road trip by a group of gay and lesbian youth to the most conservative campuses in the country. The goal: to connect with people who may never have spoken to an “out” gay, lesbian, bisexual, or transgender person.

Immigrants & American-Born

On June 19, 2008, people from different ethnic backgrounds sat down in small groups in cafes, homes, offices and union halls across the country. Pramila Jayapal talks about the “Night of 1000 Conversations,” where participants discussed the role of immigration in the country’s past, present, and future.

Churches & Social Justice

Valerie Saturen looks at major changes in the Evangelical movement. It's growing beyond its narrow focus on wedge issues like abortion to focus more on environmental protection and social justice.

Media We Can Trust

The growing number of media outlets, many with a partisan slant, makes the task of finding reliable, unbiased news difficult. We look at NewsTrust, a nonpartisan website that aggregates news articles and rates them based on their journalistic quality.

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