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Imagine that every day you could see a “YES! Take” on the news that points to the transformational possibilities that lie in every crisis.
Collage of reposts of YES! Takes on the News
Collage of reposts of YES! Takes on the News

Do relentless headlines of war, foreclosures, gas prices, fires, and floods leave you wondering if there is any way out? YES! gives you a quarterly window on real solutions, and you tell us it’s a real help. But you’ve also told us to be more frequent and more timely. So now imagine that every day you could see a “YES! Take” on the news that points to the transformational possibilities that lie in every crisis.

Already, we’re offering a YES! Take on some of the news as our articles are regularly picked up on high-traffic news and opinion sites such as AlterNet and Common Dreams.

But seriously ramping up a program to get high visibility for daily YES! Takes was just another dream on a long list. Until recently. Here’s what happened.

As you may know, our intrepid editor, Sarah van Gelder, has a blog on the YES! website. In June the staff urged her to get on The Huffington Post to give her version of the YES! Take wider visibility. Before applying, she posted a blog entry to show a YES! approach to current news, based on Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s June 11 apology to the aboriginal people of Canada. Harper had apologized for the government’s placement of aboriginal children in boarding schools where they experienced various kinds of abuse. The U.S. had a similar practice, so Sarah asked, “Canada Says Sorry. Will We?” She offered examples of other deeply felt apologies that had led to social healing. Susan Gleason, our media and outreach manager, shot out a link to her media contacts, and the post was picked up widely in both the U.S. and Canada.

Once registered on The Huffington Post, Sarah blogged about John McCain and Florida Governor Charlie Crist’s call for offshore oil drilling. She didn’t just say it’s a bad idea that won’t solve the oil crisis. She brought in the deeply researched energy solutions featured in the Spring ’08 global warming issue of YES! That blog entry was widely syndicated to many sites, including The Los Angeles Times.

In late June, House Resolution 362 approached a vote in the U.S. Congress. Supported by both parties, the resolution included allegations about Iran’s nuclear capability and recommended inspection of everything entering or leaving Iran—which would amount to a blockade that many experts say would be an act of war. The resolution was barely mentioned in the mainstream media. Sarah asked the question: “Are Congressional Democrats Leading the Way to War with Iran?” But she didn’t merely sound the alarm. She pointed to solutions featured in the YES! Summer ’08 foreign policy issue—how Iran could actually help the U.S., and how the only real solution to proliferation is to abolish all nuclear weapons—a position that even George Shultz, Henry Kissinger, and other cold warriors now advocate (see YES! Summer ’08). That post also got picked up widely—including on The New York Times’ website, which syndicates some Huffington Post headlines. We were ecstatic as we watched these YES! Takes on the news move out to ever larger audiences through the power of the Web.

Now we’re eager to expand this program, and you can help. You can drive up our visibility on the Web by reposting YES! stories to your own website or blog—and add comments and recommendations wherever you see YES! articles posted. You can share YES! articles on sites like MySpace, Care2, NewsCloud,, StumbleUpon, and Digg. If you’re on Facebook, join the YES! Magazine group.

You can also help by becoming a Dedicated Friend of YES! (see the form on the next page or go to “donate” on the YES! website). With your support, we could reach the dream of a daily YES! Take on the news.

In this fluid time of change, a positive vision takes on extraordinary power. This is a time to infuse the Web with the possibilities of achieving the world we want.

Fran Korten wrote this article as part of Purple America, the Fall 2008 issue of YES! Magazine. Fran is Executive Director of the Positive Futures Network, Publishers of YES! Magazine. Photo of Fran Korten
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