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Musical inspiration while putting out the Fall 2008 issue

Seeing Things CD cover
 Paul Galbraith Plays Haydn CD cover
Staring at the Sun CD cover

Seeing Things

He’s the son of Bob Dylan, and roots music doesn’t get any better than this. Jakob Dylan’s poetry reflects on serious topics: from war (“War Is Kind”) to perseverance in the face of adversity (“Will It Grow”). But even these darkest moments are tempered with the knowledge that we’ve faced down these demons before. And who better to remind us?

War is Kind, by Jakob Dylan.
Everybody Pays As They Go, by Jakob Dylan.



Paul Galbraith Plays Haydn

Sometime in the ’80s, classical guitarist Galbraith stuck two extra strings on his guitar to expand its high and low range, allowing master keyboard works to be played on a guitar. His Haydn sonatas will slow down your day and leave you breathing a little deeper.

Sonata for Keyboard no 31 in A flat major, played by Paul Galbraith.
Sonata for Keyboard no 11 in B flat major, played by Paul Galbraith.



Staring at the Sun

You’ve heard Peter Buffett’s music even if you didn’t know it. He’s a long-time composer for film and TV. Recently he’s discovered his own voice, literally: contemporary folk with a familiar hint of the ’70s.

Staring at the Sun, by Peter Buffett.
Reminder, by Peter Buffett.
Another Leaf, by Peter Buffett.

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