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Reader responses to our Summer 2008 issue, on A Just Foreign Policy.

No to Nuclear Fuel

George Shultz, interviewed in your Summer 2008 issue, advocates nuclear disarmament to counter nuclear proliferation. But his approach would allow only certain countries to produce reactor fuel with international controls—a policy that has already accelerated construction of “peaceful” nuclear reactors by countries who fear nuclear technology will be denied to them. Each reactor has potential to become a bomb factory.

For nuclear disarmament to succeed, we must stop metastasizing nuclear reactors around the planet and spread technology for clean, safe, renewable energy.

Alice Slater, New York, NY

Kudos for Veterans Article

I am a new YES! reader, and was pleased to find Edward Tick’s “Heal the Warrior, Heal the Country” in your summer issue. I’m a veteran of World War II (1943-47) and the national security state (1951-65).

Truly, as Tick writes, “War poisons the spirit, and warriors return tainted.” Dr. Tick has helped me and, I hope, countless other veterans to better understand our rages and other symptoms.

Gordon Chapman, Yellow Springs, OH

Green Jobs for Veterans

I was happy to read Dr. Tick’s article in your Summer 2008 issue. I know a number of Vietnam vets who are working with Tick—it’s remarkable work.

However, Tick doesn’t focus on the very real economic challenges faced by returning veterans. There is an enormous need to combine vets’ psychological and spiritual healing with economic reintegration.

I’ve been involved in creating the Veterans Green-Jobs Alliance, Environmental restoration and “green jobs” provide a powerful context—work that has meaning in addition to real economic potential.

Brett KenCairn, Denver, CO

A Friend to Israel

I spent last summer informing myself about the issue of Israel/Palestine, including a trip to the West Bank and Israel with a political study group in May.

After I read Stephen Zunes’ piece on Israel in your Summer 2008 issue, I was left with some misgivings. I’m concerned about his assumption that the U.S. and Israel have a “common interest in peace and fairness.” But I agree that “tough love”—criticizing Israel’s Palestine politics— is certainly part of being a good friend to Israel.

Edwin Rutledge, Unterhaching, Germany

Saint Pete

The Spring 2008 issue was so inspiring that my wife and I subscribed to the print edition, and I proudly wore my new YES! button to our Earth Day Sunday service.

The most exciting part for me was Sarah van Gelder’s excellent interview with Pete Seeger.

In church at our Sharing of Joys time, I discussed nominating Seeger to be a Unitarian Universalist saint, “Saint Pete,” and I sang parts of Pete’s Hudson River rescue song “Sailing Up, Sailing Down,” “The river may be dirty now but she’s getting cleaner every day.”

I also recently signed an online petition to nominate him for a Nobel Peace Prize,

Bob Moore, Lake Forest Park, WA

Unbelievably Helpful

It’s hard not to feel overwhelmed by the environmental crisis. It can cause a sort of “I don’t know where to begin” paralysis.

Your article “Beyond Lightbulbs: The Jones Household Goes Carbon Free in 10 years” (Spring 2008) was unbelievably helpful. Would it be possible to turn the article into a small poster for folks looking for guidance?

Sara Sharpe, Nashville, TN

Glad you asked! You can order the Jones family poster for just $3 plus shipping. Discounts available for bulk orders. Order online, or download a version you can print, at

Good Travel Reading

On a recent trip to Boston I ended up reading YES! cover to cover. Your magazine was the only plus to being stuck at the airport. I enjoyed every article, including the picture of (executive director) Fran biking to work. I look forward to reading the next edition.

Sally Millichamp, Springfield, IL

Cutting back on Carbon

I’m 69, and wasn’t sure I had enough time to lower my carbon footprint.

Then I read in YES! that for every day you skip meat you’ll save carbon (“Beyond Lightbulbs,” Spring 2008).

About 12 years ago I quit eating meat. My diet now is fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds (except for chocolate ice cream and an occasional veggie pizza). I’ve lost 30 pounds, and my blood pressure and cholesterol went back to normal.

When I look around, I see a lot of folks who could save a whole lot of carbon and money using my method.

Rich Rubasch, Viroqua, WI



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