The Great Correction Song

Yizhou Jiang,

from The Great Correction

Eliza Gilkyson
Eliza Gilkyson wrote this song for “Last Sunday,” a monthly gathering in Austin, Texas, she co-hosted with University of Texas professor Robert Jensen and Presbyterian minister Jim Rigby.
They created a space in which people could get together to face with honesty deepening economic, political, cultural, and ecological crises.
“We wanted to provide a place to discuss, grieve, and mull over our future without having a need for an immediate solution other than the comfort of each other’s presence,” Gilkyson says.

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Everyone tied to the turning wheel
Everyone hiding from the things they feel
Well the truth’s so hard it just don’t seem real
The shadow across this land

People ’round here don’t know what it means
To suffer at the hands of our American dreams
They turn their backs on the grisly scenes
Traced to the privileged sons

Down through the ages lovers of the mystery
Been saying people let your love light shine
Poets and sages all throughout history
Say the light burns brightest in the darkest times

It’s the bitter end we’ve come down to
The eye of the needle that we gotta get through
But the end could be the start of something new
When the great correction comes

Down to the wire running out of time
Still got hope in this heart of mine
But the future waits on the horizon line
For our daughters and our sons

I don’t know where this train’s bound
Whole lotta people trying to turn it around
Gonna shout ’til the walls come tumbling down
And the great correction comes

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from Eliza Gilkyson's CD Beautiful World.
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