The Page That Counts :: Summer 2001

"Number of years it takes the average river to move a grain of sand 100 miles:  1 million1
Record skydive by US Air Force balloonist Joseph Kittinger: 102,800 feet
Time Kittinger was in free-fall: 4 minutes, 37 seconds
Kittinger's top speed during free-fall: 600 miles per hour2
Average increase in Scholastic Aptitude Test (SAT) scores of students taking commercial preparation courses:
20 points out of 1600 possible
Cost of the courses: $700 to $3,0003
Percentage of US residents in 1999 that walked or biked to work: 4
Percentage that rode in a vehicle to work in 1999:  87
Amount spent on treadmills in 1999:  $1.6 billion4
Number of civilians given public relations trips on US Pacific Fleet ships and submarines in 2000:  11,0005
Number of farmers who have been forced to sell their farms in order to pay the estate tax: 06
Percentage of US taxpayers who pass their estate on to heirs tax free: 98%7
Age at death of “Bluey,” an Australian cattle dog reported to be world's oldest dog:  29 years 5 months
Bluey's age in “human years” using the popular 1:7 conversion ratio:  2068
Increase in contested primaries in Maine following the adoption of a clean election law,
which provide public financing for qualifying candidates: 40%
Percentage of clean elections candidates facing privately funded opponents who won their races: 53%9
Percentage of teens in The Netherlands, which has Europe's most liberal drug policy,
who smoke marijuana: 23%
Percentage of American teens who smoke marijuana: 41%10
Number of dollar bills taken from 12 US cities that tested positive for traces of cocaine:  131 of 13511
Percent of adults who get less than eight hours of sleep at night: 63 percent
Percent who say they work 50 hours or more per week: 38 percent
Percent of adults who say they have fallen asleep while driving during the past year: 19 percent12

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Percent of recent college graduates who believe they will be worth $1 million by age 40: 521
Percent of Americans who reported incomes of $1 million in 1997: 0.12

Number of days a cockroach can live without its head: 93

Number of registered lobbyists in 1999: 20,512
Lobbying expenditure per member of Congress in 1999: $2.7 million4

Percent of Americans who do not consider George W. Bush a legitimately elected president: 40
Percent who think Bush will work mainly for the interests of large corporations: 86
Percent who think Bush will work mainly against the interests of poor people: 445

Square footage of Henry David Thoreau's cabin at Walden Pond: 150
Square footage of a Colorado Springs developer's house design called The Thoreau: 5,471
Number of bedrooms in The Thoreau: 6
Number of times Thoreau's cabin could fit into The Thoreau woodshop: one, with space left over6

Frequency with which a cliché is used in party conversation: every 11.32 seconds
At a business meeting: every 9.764 seconds
In a eulogy: every 8.3 seconds7

Number of marijuana arrests during the 8-year term of the president who “didn't inhale”:
over 4.1 million8

Odds of being hit by falling space debris: 1 in 60 trillion
Odds of being killed by something other than space debris falling on you: 1 in 4,7629

Odds of being killed by a poisonous snake, spider, or lizard: 1 in 268,153
Odds of being struck by lightning: 1 in 600,000
Odds of winning the Multistate Powerball Jackpot: 1 in 80,089,28810

Number of galaxies for each person alive: 911
Ratio by which chickens outnumber us: 4 to 112
Longest recorded flight by a chicken: 211 meters 13
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