None of Texas’ Members of Congress Support Trump’s Wall

And 23 other facts you should probably know.

Photo by stellalevi / iStock.

Number of citizens China’s economic growth lifted from poverty between 1978 and 2014: 800 million 1

Number of Chinese citizens who die from air pollution each year: 1.6 million 2

Percentage of Chinese citizens willing to trade a better economy for cleaner air: 50 3

Percentage of Americans born in 1940 who earned more than their parents by age 30: 92 4

Of those born in 1985: 50

Percentage increase in median income of male workers between 1940 and 1970: 141 5

Of male workers between 1985 and 2015: 37

Number of New York City police officers in 2016: 35,800 6

Number of officers wearing body cameras in 2016 after a federal judge ordered them to do so in 2013: 0

Percentage of food that goes uneaten in the U.S.: 40 7

Monetary equivalent of a year’s worth of wasted food: $165 billion

Number of people who could be fed each year by reducing food waste by 15 percent: 25 million

Average number of military veterans who died from suicide each day in 2014: 20 8

Percentage of those veterans who used Department of Veterans Affairs services: 30

Percentage of veterans who reported getting care as soon as needed: 50 9

Percentage increase of business tax rate imposed in December on Portland, Oregon, companies that paid their CEOs at least 100 times more than their average workers: 10 10

Estimated amount of new annual revenue that surtax is expected to generate: $2.5 million

Amount of tax revenue generated by recreational cannabis sales in Oregon from January through November 2016: $54.5 million 11

U.S. deaths that occurred from 1980 to 2014: 80.4 million 12

Number of those deaths that were assigned “garbage codes,” vague terms that don’t indicate a specific cause: 19.4 million

Miles of the 1,954-mile border with Mexico that are in Texas (the state with the most): 1,254

Number of lawmakers Texas sends to Congress: 38

Number of them who are Republican: 25

Number on record in December supporting Trump’s border wall proposal: 0 13