Malik Rahim Speaks to the Freedom Caravaners

Listen to Malik Rahim . Approx. 5 minutes.



Malik Rahim from Common Ground talked to Sarah van Gelder and a group from the Freedom Caravan when they visited the Common Ground center in New Orleans.  (note you may need to listen carefully as the audio quality is low, and volume is uneven)

The Common Ground vision for its neighborhood goes beyond restoring it to its previous state. Malik talks of ending the relationship of co-dependency with corporate energy sources by developing neighborhood sources of renewable energy. And he talks of restoring the wetlands that once protected lands from catastrophic flooding, and cleaning up the heavy metals in the soil by planting sunflowers and other plants that draw the poisons from the soil. This is about the restoration of a people and a place, in tandem.

For the complete Freedom Caravan story, see Sarah's blog.

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