Pass it On

On the occasion of the first United States Social Forum June 27, 2007 by Alice Lovelace
Alice Lovelace at the USSF.
Photo by Fran Korten


We came hoping to share better ideas for our work.

We came to get some rest. To get back in the swing.
'Cause the price was right. Looking for opportunities.
Looking for some place we might fit in.

We came to learn how to pass on what we've learned, how organizing can make a difference in community. We came, southern natives and transplanted Yankees suffering from culture shock and in the end, “We just real glad to be here!”

We are organizers all spreading the myth of our existence.
Doing it all, teaching the old, mentoring the young, protesting injustices, feeding the hungry, housing the homeless, challenging the powerful, organizing for change. And we work hard for our money.

Take it back and share it—the culture of struggle.
Take it back and share it—a knowledge of those who came before.
Take it back and share it—rights god given

'Cause justice is creation centered in the symbols of god.
'Cause freedom is life, 'cause life is failure and success,
two boats on the water.

A bridge. A tree in winter.
A red crayola crayon that captures the heart throb, social commentary hidden in the common, 'cause the common can draw your attention.

Life is a traffic signal—choices every second, every minute.
Caution, stop, go, yield, turn here - -these are your rites of passage. A generation passing on survival skills.

Look up—look beyond, you possess the power to change life
by changing your mind. The key is in the door and it's on your side.

First light—it is the children who must contemplate the future
living through the sorrow.


Throw in your pennies, wiggle back and forth,
go through the process, and justice will let you in.

Pass It On!
Justice is something elemental like water and fire, air and earth.

Pass It On!
Teach them to fish

Pass It On!
'Cause life is a post card, the original process.

Pass It On
Pass It On
Pass It On


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