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Think you’re on the cutting edge of going green? You will be challenged to do more when you watch this video of rural Bolivian women being trained to install solar panels.

India's Barefoot College trained women from Bolivia's remote Altiplano villages in solar technology, and then shipped the equipment to their villages, where they would be in charge of installing and maintaining it.

images from YES! Magazine's online photo essay of the work of the Barefoot College of Tilonia

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Barefoot Photographers of Tilonia

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The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers of the World

“This is a true story about ordinary heroes. A story of very simple women who have made an extraordinary difference in their own community…”

Solar Power Reaches Tombouctou
Two extraordinary, but very ordinary women have set an example for the whole of Africa, and demonstrated how the impossible is possible… How solar reached Tombouctou!

The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers of the Gambia
See the solar installation in process, start to finish: follow two rural illiterate women from The Gambia who learn how to become Barefoot Solar Engineers.

The Night Schools
Solar lanterns from the barefoot solar engineers enable a unique system of night schools throughout India, providing working children with both education and an experience of democracy.

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