What Can Congregations Do?

Tell the truth
The way of Jesus and the American way of life are not compatible. We must choose whom to serve.

  • In words, we need to lift up rituals of lamentation to mourn the increasing warfare and violence.
  •  In deeds, we need to lift up rituals of repentance that involve us in civil disobedience.
  • In lifestyle, we need to create economic practices of sharing with each other.

Network beginning with study and action circles that:

  • Train Christians in the biblical language of Principalities and Powers, nonviolence, and the Jubilee so that participants can return to congregations as trainers and organizers.
  • Plan and implement church-directed actions resisting Empire even as we create new lifestyle patterns of distributing wealth and practicing the Jubilee.

Interweave ourselves within the web of peace, environmental, and economic justice groups found outside the Church. Those movements need the Church to supply them with language and a vision larger than reform or revolution. We in the Church need the energy, creativity, fun, and moral sense of the movements.

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