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Stand Up to Corporate Power

Why try to fight? Corporations have the money and the power. That's what we're told. But people across the country are standing up to corporations. If we join forces, we can claim the power that rightly belongs to us.

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We the People, Rising
Editor's introduction.

Historic Scorecard
Are corporations really 'people'?

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A Strategy for Change
A global citizens' movement can make corporations serve the public good.
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Living Wealth
Money's not what it's cracked up to be. Let's measure value in human terms.

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Just the Facts
Maybe what's good for corporations isn't good for us all. Check out the numbers.

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Community, Rule Thyself
Consent by the governed. As good now as it was in 1776.
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7 Cool Companies
Where you can do good AND make money. And they said it couldn't be done.

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Commons to Protect
Who owns the air, the sky, our genes? We do. Here's how we're protecting them.
Debra Harry
Who's Standing Up?
The faces of resistance to corporate power. It may not be who you think.
Arcata downtown. Photo by Heidi A. Andrade
Measure T
Humboldt County says elections are for people, not corporations.

Humboldt County's promotional tea bags
Common Knowledge
How to get local control—taught by people who've done it.
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Putting Citizens in Charge
Campaign finance reform and more: Clean elections. Voter choice. A free internet. Some keys to democracy.

5 Ways to Get Free
Save money, help the environment, and get away from corporations.

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Resource Guide
Learn more and support the groups working to curtail corporate power.
YES discussion guide
Discussion Guide
Conversation starters and article summaries…
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Film Resources
Our pick of the best films to see about corporations.
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