Corporations Resource Guide


Corporate Ethics International has three projects: the Business Ethics Network, the Strategic Corporate Initiative (SCI), and the Big Box Campaign. It offers how-to guides for community organizers, reports on victories, and proposes ways to limit corporate rule.

Corporate Accountability Project
Corporate Accountability International has been organizing campaigns for over 30 years focusing on oil, water, and agrifood.

The Corporate Accountability Project offers five “not-so-easy” steps to get corporations under control. It also boasts an impressive archive of corporate boycott links.

CorpWatch publishes stories that expose corporate fraud, human rights violations, and environmental exploitation.

CitizenWorks offers a toolbox for taking action in your community, with information about tapping into a volunteer base, contacting decision makers, and more.

The Public Information Network's “Endgame” offers workshops on corporate rule, activist research manuals, and articles about protecting our oil reserves and forests.

The Program on Corporations, Law, and Democracy has articles, videos and DVDs, interviews, and brochures challenging corporate authority.

The Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund (CELDF) offers affordable legal services to communities seeking to rid themselves of corporate domination and environmental damage.

The Tomales Bay Institute is a leading think tank that promotes public awareness of the commons through blogs, essays, book reviews, and profiles of activists.

The Institute for Policy Studies covers a broad range of issues. Many of its programs focus on labor rights, fair trade, and reducing the harmful impact of globalization. Its e-mail newsletter keep you up to date on issues you care about.

Responsible Shopper
Responsible Shopper offers research on companies that are subjects of consumer/shareholder campaigns, with ideas for taking action.

The Center for Responsive Politics studies the influence of money in politics. It tracks investment from corporations, as well as other sources. It has an extensive database and a newsletter.

Mutinational Monitor
Multinational Monitor is an online publication that reports on the human rights violations of corporations. It also contains a list of recommended books, and provides activist tools to people in Southern countries.

Primal Seeds explains how corporate control has interrupted just food production, and offers an alternative vision for protected biodiversity and local food security. It offers a great deal of information about maintaining independent food production through permaculture, gardening, and so on.

The Center for Corporate Policy aims to curb corporations' power by exposing their crimes, working to reduce executive salaries, and trying to prevent corporations from using the Constitution to justify unethical actions.

The Center for Public Integrity produces transparent journalism and downloadable reports on issues of public concern, such as the environment, the private interests of government officials, U.S. military activity and foreign aid, and much more.

Commercial Alert
Commercial Alert exists to reduce commercial advertising in areas of our culture that should be ad-free. Their site includes a Parents' Bill of Rights drafted to protect children from corporations, and a list of ways to take action.

Corporate Crime Reporter
Corporate Crime Reporter is an excellent source of information about corporations' legal infractions in the fields of economics and human rights. It also produces a weekly newsletter, which you can subscribe to on the site.

The Corporate Research Project offers information about various corporations to be used by activists. It publishes investigations about corporations' history of abuse or respect for the environment, labor practices, and small communities.

The Consumer Watchdog
The Foundation for Taxpayer and Consumer Rights has strived to block corporate exploitation of American citizens for over twenty years. They recognize that corporations are daunting, both politically and financially, and seek to close the power gap between these entities and the average citizen.

Free Press
Free Press is a nonpartisan group working for media reform on both a national and community scale. They promote awareness of the necessity of independent media and its roll in democracy, and push for universal access to media.

The International Forum on Globalization is a group of activists, scholars, and researchers who educate the public about the implications of globalization through events and writings. Their scope covers Peak Oil, foreign affairs, and more.

Project On Government Oversight
The Project on Government Oversight has been working towards a more transparent and responsible government for over 25 years. It reports current corruption and contains an extensive library of past crimes. It also commends good actions of the government.

Public Campaign aims to reform elections by preventing lobbyists and corporations from funding or contributing money to candidates or their campaigns. Their site includes an interactive map that charts states' progress on clean elections.

PUblic Citizen
Public Citizen was founded in 1971. It protects public health and safety by representing consumer interests in the government. It focuses on environmental standards, health, and fair trade.


Democracy Unlimited of Humboldt County (DUHC) offers workshops and strategy sessions on resisting corporate rule and taking back community control, and maintains an archive of its Measure T campaign website.

The Alliance for Democracy is a populist movement that seeks to end the domination of corporations in our society.

The Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) is made up of low-income families in the United States, Canada, and Latin America who work for economic and social justice in their communities.

The International Labor Rights Fund fights for workers' rights to fair wages and treatment. They are promoting the International Day of Action against Wal-Mart on November 17.

Wal-Mart Watch
Wal-Mart Watch is a grassroots group offering a user's guide to keeping Wal-Mart out of small communities and contacts with experts who can help win site fights.

Blue Planet Project
Blue Planet Project is building a movement that works to counter water privatization around the world.

Killer Coke exposes the crimes of Coca-Cola, focusing on the murder of eight union leaders in Latin America over the past twenty years. The site includes information on protests, student activism, and resolutions for change.

Yes Men
The Yes Men infiltrate corporations and give satirical presentations that function to expose the corporations' harmful or exploitive policies. Their website describes their various stunts, and also has links to their book and documentary.


The Leech and the Earthworm voices indigenous peoples' take on biopiracy.

Independent America
Independent America features small business owners struggling against corporate incursion.

Check out these documentaries and feature films at the online YES! Picks Corporation Film Festival. Many are available to borrow for free through

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