In Review :: Phil Borges, Women Empowered

Women Empowered:
Inspiring Change in the Emerging World

Photographs by Phil Borges. Contribution by Isabel Allende and Madeleine Albright.

Rizzoli, 2007, 112 pages, $29.95. Purchase a signed copy.


Photos by Phil Borges
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Portrait photographer Phil Borges' projects have yielded consistently fine art over the years, most notably his work with Amnesty International in the late 1990s. Women Empowered is his latest project in Africa, Southeast Asia, and South America. Currently on tour and now in book form, this work is his most incisive. His signature flesh-tone-on-black-and-white portraits are accompanied by the stories of how these women overcame their circumstances to improve their lives and the lives of others. With humility, Borges allows the women's stories to elevate his portraits and inspire his audience. The photographs themselves remain unselfconscious, quietly encouraging the women to step forward. Recently, American Photo magazine included Borges in a tribute of 10 inspiring photographers, saying: “Though his new project is about other heroes, Borges is one of ours because he has the ability to find an uplifting angle on stories many other photographers tell in hopelessly grim detail.”

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