Phil Borges :: Women Empowered

Phil Borges' latest work, "Women Empowered," profiles women in the developing world who are challenging gender norms to improve their situation and help their communities. Take a look at a sample of his photographs and accompanying biographies.


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spacer spacer spacer Adjoa. Photo by Phil Borges spacer spacer


Akhi. Photo by Phil Borges
Renchin. Photo by Phil Borges
Fahima. Photo by Phil Borges


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In 2004, celebrated photographer Phil Borges partnered with CARE to advocate the empowerment of women in rural areas throughout the world. These photographs are part of a series that spans Africa, Asia and South America. For more samples of Phil Borges' work, visit his website.
Phil Borges is also the founder and director of Bridges to Understanding, a digital storytelling project for K-12 students, aimed to build cross-cultural understanding.


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