The Page That Counts :: Fall 2007

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Percentage of female representatives in national legislatures around the globe in 1990: 12
Percentage in 2006: 17 [1]

Percentage of fast food restaurants with more bacteria in their ice than in their toilets, as tested by a Florida 7th grader: 70 [2]

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Percentage of studies reporting favorable results for a medication if they are funded by the drug's producers: 80
Percentage reporting favorable results if funded by a pharmaceutical competitor: 30
Percentage reporting favorable results if conducted with no industry support: 50 [3]

Percentage chance that a given gene in your body is patented and privately owned: 20 [4]
Number of human pathogens privately owned, including haemophilus influenza and Hepatitis C: 20 [5]

image of seatbelt

Number of states that don't require adult drivers and passengers to wear seatbelts: 1
Percentage of 2006 traffic fatalities in that state (New Hampshire) not wearing a seatbelt at the time of accident: 77 [6]

Percentage of adults who say Medicare should negotiate with drug companies for lower prices: 79
Number of seniors and disabled Americans who receive drug coverage through Medicare: 22 million [7]
Percentage of senators who, last April, voted in opposition of legislation to renegotiate Medicare drug prices: 55 [8]

money image

Amount, in dollars, “sustaining contributors” donate monthly to Scooter Libby's defense fund to “clear his name”: 25-1,000 [9]
Dollars required to supplement the diet of a four-member family for one month through the charity Feed The Children: 20 [10]

Dimensions, in feet, of the shack London squatter Harry Hallowes calls home: 8x12
Years the 70 year-old Hallowes has squatted there: 21
Assessed value, in pounds, of the land given to Hallowes by the Land Registry after he invoked squatter's rights: 2 million [11]

pumpkin image

Winning distance, in feet, of 2006 “Punkin Chunkin” contest, in which competitors fling pumpkins with trebuchets and catapults: 3870.50 [12]

Average payout, in dollars, to the families of innocent Afghans killed by Marines: 2,000 [13]
Average payout, in dollars, to 9/11 victims and victims' families: 1.7million [14]

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Summer 2007

Amount the federal government allots to abstinence-only education per year: $170 million
Percentage of Americans who favor comprehensive sex education over an abstinence-only curriculum: 82

YES! Magazine graphic
Spring 2007

Amount spent per year worldwide on bottled water: $100 billion
Amount per year needed to meet the United Nations' goal of giving everyone access to drinkable water by 2015: $11.3 billion


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