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The YES! editors worked closely with members of the Strategic Corporate Initiative (SCI) in producing this issue. Here is background on SCI and a link to their full report.

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Toward a Global Citizens' Movement to Bring Corporations Back Under Control.
SCI Report Full Cover
Over the past two decades, each member of SCI has been involved in often-successful campaigns to curtail excessive corporate power, from rainforest protection to social investing. We have worked on campaigns to abolish toxic chemicals, defend labor rights, advance corporate ethics, and block international trade agreements.

While we have helped make large corporations more responsible, we've failed to make them less powerful. We've come to realize that without unified action, we may win battles, but we will lose the war.

The Strategic Corporate Initiative is our attempt to ignite a critical discussion on the path forward. We believe that, if united, the scattered movements already creating change can be the catalytic force to create a humane, sustainable, democratic society and economy.

The Strategic Corporate Initiative (SCI) steering committee is made up of the authors of this issue's lead article, Who Will Rule?, Michael Marx, director of Corporate Ethics International (CEI) in Portland, Oregon and Marjorie Kelly, author of The Divine Right of Capital, with the Tellus Institute in Boston; along with John Cavanagh, Chuck Collins, and Sarah Anderson of the Institute for Policy Studies in Washington, DC; Charlie Cray of the Center for Corporate Policy in Washington, DC; and Mari Margil, formerly with CEI and now with the Community Environmental Legal Defense Fund.

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Read Michael Marx and Marjorie Kelly's article Who Will Rule?


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