Who's Standing Up?

A finance minister, a mother, a union president, a pastor, and others in the surprising range of people resisting corporate power.


Leo Gerard spacer Leo Gerard
Standing Up For Economic Justice
“The Steelworkers Union is not middle-of-the-road, move-to-the-center, so-called moderate, ‘me, too,' hard-hat Republicans,” says Leo W. Gerard, international president of the United Steelworkers Union (USW).

That's a welcome message to angry steelworkers . . . >>More

Kristin Halvorsen spacer Kristin Halvorsen
Standing Up For Ethical Business
It's not easy to stand up to the corporations of the world's only superpower. But Norway's minister of finance, Kristin Halvorsen, did and lives to tell the tale. . . >>More
Debra Harry spacer Debra Harry
Standing Up For Native Knowledge
The free market is supposed to reward innovation, but new ideas are hard to come by. So many corporations find it easier simply to tap traditional knowledge, patent it, stamp it with their logos, and sell it.

This is corporate piracy . . .>>More

POCLAD logo spacer Ward Morehouse
Standing Up For Citizen Control
Ward Morehouse knows about corporate impunity. He has worked to bring Union Carbide to justice since 1984, when the poison gas leak at its plant in Bhopal, India, left 22,000 dead. He failed. . . >>More
Bill Moyers spacer Bill Moyers
Standing Up For Free Media
Today, just five corporations own the U.S. media, down from 50 in the '80s. Journalist Bill Moyers notes this trend with alarm. “It's not simply the cause of journalism that's at stake today,” he says, “but the cause of American liberty itself.” . . . >>More
Alexia Salvatierra spacer

Alexia Salvatierra
Standing Up For the Working Poor
“We have a slowly awakening giant in our hands,” says Rev. Alexia Salvatierra, head of Clergy and Laity United for Economic Justice (CLUE). She's referring to the working poor of Los Angeles County who have, with the support of CLUE's 600 interfaith members, racked up some surprising victories against corporate opponents. . . >>More

USSF puppet spacer

David Solnit
Standing Up For Protest
He's pretty much known as "The Puppet Guy." Although there have been many other radical puppeteers over the years, arts organizer David Solnit has been instrumental in popularizing the use of giant puppets in mass demonstrations since the 1990s. . . >>More

Commercial Alert logo spacer Paula Wolff
Standing Up For Kids
To cash-strapped school districts, it sounds like a bargain: the BusRadio corporation offers to install free audio equipment in school buses. In return, the districts hand over their kids' minds for a few minutes each day to listen to “age-appropriate commercials.” . . . >>More


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