A Sensible Plan for Recovery

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A Sensible Plan for Recovery.
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Rebuilding Accountability and Trust

The grassroots blowback against the Bush Administration’s proposed Wall Street bailout is rooted in deep distrust. Americans recognize the need to act on our current crisis but detest the idea that ordinary taxpayers should bear the brunt of bailing out the kingpins of Wall Street. The following program, if incorporated into the bailout, could far better address our current problem’s root causes and restore trust and confidence in our economic system.

Program Basics:

  • Fund a green stimulus for the real economy

  • Restructure mortgages for families put at risk by predatory lenders

  • Make Wall Street speculators pay for the bailout

  • Shut down the global casino: Assert real oversight of financial markets

  • Limit CEO pay and prohibit profiteering from the bailout


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