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Bringing Dialogue to Divorce Courts

Over years working as a family law attorney, Carol Bailey repeatedly saw the pain divorce brings to couples and their children. Convinced that there must be less damaging ways to dissolve a dysfunctional marriage, she developed a new approach based on her belief that “dialogue is the highest calling of the human mind.”

Bailey emphasizes communication and conflict resolution. She urges couples to try to work out their differences outside the courtroom, although they have the option of going to trial if necessary. Bailey counsels couples to avoid the mud slinging and winner-take-all tactics that often characterize divorces.

The response to her approach has been overwhelmingly positive, according to Bailey. Spouses tell her they have maintained their self-respect and avoided damaging their relationships with children and relatives. She is now promoting her integrative approach to other lawyers and hopes to create a new family law curriculum.

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Noah Grant wrote this article as part of Sustainable Happiness, the Winter 2009 issue of YES! Magazine. Noah, YES! Editorial Assistant, is an activist for LGBT rights. Photo of Noah Grant
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