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Musical inspiration while putting out the Winter 2009 issue

Songs For Tibet CD cover
Day After Tomorrow CD cover


Canadian folk legend Ferron is not well-known to Americans, but she has influenced the likes of Ani DiFranco and Emily Saliers. Her newest album is lyrical and deeply personal. The opening track “Souvenir” invites you to “close the front door, take your shoes off,” and listen to stories of self-discovery and intimacy.

Souvenir, by Ferron.
Never Your Own, by Ferron.



Songs For Tibet

Twenty artists reflect on peace, from inner to global in studio work from Suzanne Vega, Moby, Imogen Heap, as well as acoustically driven live recordings from Dave Matthews and Ben Harper. Includes a 15-minute “Discussion with the Dalai Lama on Finding Peace.”

Hide & Seek 2, by Imogen Heap.
Belief, by John Mayer.
All My Mistakes, by Teitur (feat. Tirara).



Day After Tomorrow

Baez’s voice is heavy with age and mood. With quiet guitars and material from Elvis Costello, Tom Waits, Patty Griffiin and producer Steve Earle, she’s made a powerful prayer of an album.

God Is God, by Joan Baez.
I Am A Wanderer, by Joan Baez.
Day After Tomorrow, by Joan Baez.

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