Letter from the Editor

I want to sharesome exciting news with you. Beginning in January 1998, Fran Korten, who has been with the Ford Foundation for the past 20 years, has agreed to join us as executive director. She and her husband, David Korten (author of When Corporations Rule the World and currently PositiveFutures Network board chair) will be moving to the Seattle area in the spring.

Many people know Fran for her pro-active support of sustainability innovations through her grantmaking at the Ford foundation. Her savvy, dedication, impressive experience in both the human and ecological dimensions of sustainability, and her connections in the US and around the world will be a tremondous boost to Positive Futures Network and to our common efforts to create a more sustainable future.

On a personal note, I'm excited about the opportunity to collaborate more closely with both David and Fran, and I'm looking forward to having more time to focus fully on developing YES! With Fran taking on the responsibility for the Positive Futures Network, I'll be free to do research of greater depth, seek out current and emergent leaders and visionaries, and do more writing and speaking.

It's been just over a year since we founded the Positive Futures Network and YES! - a year of considerable challenges and joys. We've published four issues, struggled through financial hardships, and worked through organizational, logistical, and editorial details. Now, thanks to your support and the support of many, many others, and with Fran's active participation, we feel, that the promise of the journal is going to be realized.
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