The Human Cost of Stuff

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Our houses, our dumpsters, our lives overflow with stuff. It’s so cheap, how can you not buy yet one more thing that will surely make your life better? But it’s only cheap if we ignore the hidden costs to humans and to the Earth. Here’s how to fix our broken relationship with stuff.


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New Visions

Solving today's big problems will take more than a quick fix. These authors offer clarity about the roots of our problems and visions of a better way.


Annie Leonard: How to Be More Than Responsible Consumers

The way we make and use stuff is harming the world—and ourselves. To create a system that works, we can’t just use our purchasing power—we must turn it into citizen power.

Spruce tree

Adam Hochschild: We Can End Slavery—Again

It took just 20 years to end the British slave trade. What history teaches us about ending exploitation today.

World and Community

New models that foster justice and real prosperity, and sustain the Earth's living systems. How can we bring these models to life and put them to work?


Last Factory Standing

Why the latest international trade deal is bad for hometown America.


A Sweeter Deal for Cocoa Workers

Fair trade is good, but it still leaves cocoa growers in poverty. Here’s how to do better.


A Direct Line to the CEO

The future of corporate responsibility means hearing firsthand from factory workers.


About Your Next Cell Phone ...

Our throwaway electronics poison people overseas.  “Benign-by-design” aims to change that.

The Power of One

Stories of people who find their courage, open their hearts, and discover what it means to be human in today's world.


Why Kids Really Care About Chocolate

Kid activists want fairness for children who labor in the cocoa fields.

Breaking Free from an American Sweatshop

Flor Molina takes her story to lawmakers to end modern-day slavery.


From Kenya to Costco—and Back Again

Growing up in a Kenyan slum taught me the real value of things.

Breaking Open

Humor, storytelling, and the arts—taking you into unexpected spaces where business-as-usual breaks open into new possibilities.


7 Ways to Un-Stuff

Fixers Collective, Know Your Maker, Toy libraries, Students Against Sweatshops, and more.


The Myth of Cheap Stuff

Infographic: What do we trade for all of that cheap stuff?


The Mighty Mason Jar

Want to unstuff your life? Find the tools that multitask.

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