In Review :: YES! Film Picks - The Singing Revolution / Flow

Singing Revolution

Sky Films, 2007, 96 min.

When the Soviet Union collapsed in the early 1990s, the republics under its control charted various, often violent paths to independence. But in Estonia, thousands of civilians turned to peaceful solidarity. Their unique strategy used cultural songs and free public media to promote a practical, alternative form of governance. Combining striking archival footage with interviews from experts and leaders on all sides of the story, The Singing Revolution documents a rare historic moment when songs triumphed over tanks.

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Image from the film Flow

Oscilloscope Laboratories, 2008, 93 min.

Without water, we will wither. In our postindustrial age, the world’s water situation grows increasingly dire. Flow, the new documentary by Irena Salina, covers privatization and the struggle for universal water rights. With an estimated one in six people living without clean drinking water, few issues are more vital today.

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