My Best Investments Are Down The Street

Social activist and local living economies advocate shares her investment secrets
Judy Wicks talks with customers—she lives above the White Dog Cafe in Philadelphia, a restaurant she founded that also serves as a hub for social activism. Photo by Tom Gralish for YES! Magazine

I have always felt uneasy about the stock market. As a longtime organizer and a local restaurant founder and owner, I put nearly all of my money, time, and energy into my local community, rather than into global corporate investments.

When I inherited a few shares of stock from my parents, I moved them into socially responsible investment funds. That way I knew I was not supporting companies that produced weapons or cigarettes, or did testing on animals. But when I looked at my portfolio and saw Wal-Mart among my holdings, I knew the stock market was not for me.

Ten years ago, I sold my stocks and put my entire savings into The Reinvestment Fund, a Philadelphia community investment group that loans money to support affordable housing, local businesses, community centers, and other community needs. I soon discovered that the wind turbines producing renewable energy for our region, including my own home and business, were financed by The Reinvestment Fund. From my local investment, I receive not only a modest financial return (which has now outperformed the stock market), but also a “living return”—the benefit of living in a more sustainable community.

When we invest our savings in a local reinvestment fund, credit union, or locally owned bank, we provide the capital needed to build local, living economies in our regions and receive the benefit of a living return.

Judy Wicks wrote this article as part of The New Economy, the Summer 2009 issue of YES! Magazine. Judy is co-founder and board chair of the Business Alliance for Local Living Economies (), and founder of the White Dog Cafe ().

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Photo of Judy Wicks
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